First Sticky Business Patch has been released!

Sticky-fellas and Cozy-lovers alike!
We have just released the first patch for Sticky Business thanks to your ongoing support and overwhelming feedback.

Without further ado, find all details below:


  • Fixed macOS app crash
  • Fixed broken sheet overview in tutorial after restarting the game during the tutorial
  • Fixed the last 4 shop upgrades not working
  • “All Upgrades” achievement will not count sticker items anymore
  • Fixed that deleting a sticker would make orders appear again
  • Fixed Twitch chat being able to order unlisted stickers
  • Moved the customes names text file to application data so players don’t get the “App wants access to documents” message
  • Fixed green and yellow noms being switched and made it easier to click the noms
  • Fixed "Radiant Sparkles" and "Shiny Shimmer” being switched in the upgrades and creator menus
  • Fixed upgrade view with hearts and stars overlapping
  • Swapped zodiac signs (leo and capricorn) and adjust costs of all zodiac signs to be the same
  • Fixed numerous typos and translation issues

Additions, Improvements, and more

  • We added the version number to the main menu to help with reporting bugs
  • Improved: You can’t switch to a different order if you’ve placed a sticker in the box to avoid confusion
  • Increased visibility of how many hearts you get from sticker level-ups
  • Slightly increased the standard order count per day

Please keep the feedback coming, you know, where to find us!
Thank you for sticking with us!

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