Roadwarden Released! + The New Trailer

I'm happy to announce that Roadwarden, an illustrated text-based RPG in which you explore and change a hostile, grim realm, is now available on!

It's all about mysteries, meaningful choices, role-playing, and complex NPCs. Perfect for autumn.

Thank you so much for your support. Your kindness and encouragement kept me going for almost 4 years. Without and the feedback you offered me, Roadwarden wouldn’t have existed.

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Sep 12, 2022

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I saw the trailer earlier today and I am definitely getting my hands on this ^^. Have you guys considered Switch by any chance?

Either way, congrats on the launch!


We do consider it indeed! So far, the game was perceived pretty well, but we still wait until we get larger picture.

And thanks a lot! : )


That is great, rooting for you guys!

I've bought it on Steam (to more easily play on my Steam Deck), told all my friends and will also pick it up on Itch in the next few days. Good luck with it! Roadwarden was one of my most anticipated games. Congratulations on getting released!

Thank you for your patience, Gunnar! I'm sorry it took me so long.

It took as long as needed. You should be super proud. Completing a big project is a real milestone which no one can take away from you. You're probably a bit exhausted and busy launching/patching but don't forget to take a moment and savour that victory. Completion, as you know, is hard!

Also: the game is great, and from what I can see people are enjoying it, so that's a whole extra level of success! It's important to absorb and savour the successes as they are important. 

Good luck with your sales! Well done!

I'm happy to have your support, thank you! Yes, I'm super tired, but tomorrow will be a better day. : )