Roadwarden Anniversary Update

Greetings, and welcome to Roadwarden’s Anniversary Update!

While i was working on my next project, a fantasy visual novel called Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale, I also had quite some ideas for Roadwarden as well. Thus, I've prepared a rather chunky update for all you Roadwardens out there - for simple but heartfelt reasons:

I wanted to thank you all for spreading the word, and for making my game what it is now. Thank you for all the feedback, advices, and the bug reports you sent my way. I don't know what my life would look like right now without your help, dedication, and love.

Long story short, here's some info about the Anniversary Update:

  • A new ending, as well as some updates to the old ending.
  • The in-game notepad is now shared across all saves.
  • Additional difficulty settings, including the option to skip the opening section of the game.
  • A new side quest tied to Thyrsus.
  • A few slight adjustments and tweaks to both the UI and some areas.
  • This update contains all the additions and bug fixes introduced to the game over the year, so it will feel a bit different to what it used to be upon the release.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you've just started a new playthrough, that save won't be compatible with the changes and new stuff implemented with the Anniversary Update. So, if you want to continue your existing savegame, please make sure to activate a dedicated beta branch on Steam which we've just created for this purpose.

To do so, just right-click Roadwarden in your Steam Library and select Properties. Click the Betas tab and choose the public-pv branch from the dropdown menu.

If you want some deep-dive information about the Anniversary Update, make sure to check out my first Post Release Devlog here - hopefully it's a good read - just click the image below:

Roadwarden imagined by White Mouse

Roadwarden imagined by White Mouse

I hope you'll enjoy the update, no matter if you're a new or an old Roadwarden.

Thank you again,

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