Roadwarden - Patch 1.0.2

All versions of the game are now updated to the newest version. The next patch is coming on Monday or later.

Fixes big and small, most of them focused on adjusting quests or eliminating game-crashing bugs. A few typos and other mistakes adjusted as well.

So far, the majority of the bugs reported by players have been rather limited - usually, many people encounter one of a few bugs. It's strongly advised to update your version of the game. : )

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Sep 16, 2022
Roadwarden-1.0.2-linux.tar.bz2 769 MB
Sep 16, 2022 765 MB
Sep 16, 2022

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A suggestion for a UI improvement would be with the Warrior/Violence options.  I can't, as a new player, tell which are which, and which are normal/default actions.  It seems that when I click the axe icon there is a different page/toggle (perhaps the normal option(s)?) but not sure.

Perhaps an axe icon next to them (in the same area as the random die)?  Also, should I take the initial hiding of the "other" option(s) to indicate that they are always inferior?  Or might I want to use them in some cases?


Thank you for the suggestion! I think you may be onto something, though it's possibly to late to introduce changes to the game now. It's possible that adding the class icons at the beginning of the line would work well, kind of like the d6 icon. But if you play the game further, you'll notice that the warrior's skill sometimes has other uses. : )