Roadwarden 1.1.31 AE patch notes

Fellow travellers,

some mean bugs were hiding in the recent Anniversary Update, but I managed to tackle them rather quickly. Therefore, sorry for any inconveniences caused by this - and thank you for sharing feedback, bug reports and love, of course.

Here's a brief changelog for this rather small patch:

  • There has been a major bug that blocked some of the players from selecting the main quest for their character. Specifically, it affected the playthroughs that selected a custom difficulty setting (one that's not among the prepared presets) and didn’t skip the prologue section. Because of this, those players are going to omit a large part of their narrative arc. The bug has now been corrected, but, sadly, the only option to fix it in your playthrough is to start the game from the beginning.
  • Fixed the bug tied to the scholar's Knowledge in the new quest.
  • Fixed the bug tied to typing either "{” or "}" into the journal notes. These punctuation marks are no longer available.
  • Fixed the exploit that allowed the player to use an item they had already sold, or given away.

The players who skipped the prologue will likely have a broken character sheet display. This can be fixed by:

  • pressing Shift+O,
  • typing or pasting the following:
  • tutorial_sheet = 1
  • pressing Enter.
  • *The bug is now fixed for the new runs.*

Hope you'll still enjoy being a Roadwarden.


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