Roadwarden - Demo Update

Thank you for all your comments, suggestions and testing which followed the release of the Roadwarden’s demo. Thanks to your feedback, the new version of the demo is now available, and not only it has multiple minor and major fixes, but also some bits of additional content.

Unless a large bug will be found, I currently assume that the version 0.3 won’t updated in the nearby future. And it should be able to fairly portray the gist of what I want Roadwarden to be.

If you haven’t played the demo before, this is the version that I would recommend. However, if you’ve already play it through, you may be interested in checking out the following changelog. A deeper look will be available on Monday, in the new devlog.

The Mac version is now available.

Though it’s not tested very well. If you find any issues, please let me know.

You can switch the font to a pixel one.

Whenever you want, you can switch between a pixel-artish font (which looks nice) and the regular font (which is easier to read). The regular font is still used by default.

Added a couple of options to the dolmen.

Parsers in the dolmen respond now to more commands. Also, a small bug involving the secret was fixed. 

The achievements don’t kill you anymore.

I’m surprised (and relieved) that only one person have encountered this problem. From now on, clicking on the received achievement won’t crash the game.

Now you can actually beat the game! (and unlock the worst endings)

A new icon on the map allows you to complete the game, even in the very first morning. The “ending” section doesn’t have illustrations yet, but is altered by the goal that you’ve chosen for your character.

 Added new travel descriptions.

If you’re in the Southern Crossroads and move either to the dolmen or the tavern for the first time, you’ll see examples of the new travel descriptions. This tool will also make random encounters much easier to implement.

Pointing at your HP is now more elegant.

It won’t cover the main narration and is generally more responsive.

Rolling back works better with various menus (like map and sleeping).

Using a mouse or keyboard to “roll back” when a map or other complex menu are displayed sometimes created issues. From now on, it will only close the displayed menus, without instantly jumping back.

Fixed some typos and rephrased a couple of things

Among the major changes - the inventory descriptions are now significantly more polished and the “choices” are more consistent.

Files - This is an old version of the game, the new one wil 89 MB
May 30, 2019 71 MB
May 30, 2019

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